Member Services

The World Conference of Mayors, Inc.offers several valuable services and benefits to its members which includes the following:

  • STAFF - The World Conference of Mayors, Inc. offers valuable services, specifically human and institutional capacity building which affords benefits to its members, affiliates, partners, and clients.
  • GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS - Monitors and analyzes public policy and maintain working relationships with leaders in capitals around the world.
  • WORLD MARKETING AND RESEARCH SERVICES DIVISION - Conducts surveys, explores and develops new markets and identify opportunities and resources for businesses in member municipalities.


The World Conference of Mayors,Inc. sponsors several Trade Missions each year to a number of countries around the world.  Mayors will be able to establish new markets or expand existing ones for business in their respective cities.


The World Conference of Mayors, Inc. serves as independent election observers and monitors of free and Democratic elections.  The World Conference of Mayors,Inc. (WCM) provides capacity building and technical assistance, including administrative and managerial support, for transparent elections and elections related activities which include the following:  governments, national electorial commissions, civil society, the private sector, the media, and other local stakeholders and development partner.

The 7 T's of The World Conference of Mayors


The World Conference of Mayors, Inc. international convention is held annually.  This event brings together international prominent speakers, technical experts, mayors, and business owners to discuss regulatory actions, technological developments, and other topics vital to the operation of a successful government.


The World Confernce of Mayors, Inc., (WCM) John Smith Training Institute, named after the late John Smith, former Mayor of Prichard, Alabama, and the WCM first Secretary-General, is designed and structured to assist mayors, other local elected and appointed public officials, and members of the private sector to meet the complex changes in government and business in the 21st Century.  Information is offered in structured certificate courses - al related to efficient and effective management of precious resources.

The World Conference of Mayors, Inc.

Established 1984

The World Conference of Mayors, Inc. strongly believes that leaders of local government working together can lead to a more peaceful world and facilitate economic prosperity for all.  The World Conference of Mayors, Inc. has seen fundamental goals:

  • TRUST - to establish mutual trust, understanding, and respect between municipal officials around the world
  • TRADE - to cultivate working relationships between cities which will lead to maximum trade (imports and exports) as well as investment opportunities
  • TOURISM -to stimulate increased tourist travel between cities of the world
  • TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER - to foster the exchange of technical assistance, expertise and information to the mutual benefit of local governments
  • TWIN CITIESto establish twin of "sister" city relationships that will focus on cultural and educational exchange, thereby promoting goodwill among men
  • TREASURY - to strengthen the cities of the world through effective monetary policies and practices
  • TRAINING- to train mayors to better manage the cities of the world